Dragon Keeper 2

Dragon Keeper 2 is a time management adventure game
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Dragon Keeper 2, as the name suggests, is a time management adventure game revolving around dragons. The story is about a princess whose husband has been turned into a goldfish, and her subsequent journey to save him. She learns that dragons could help her break the spell, but she has to take care of them until they reach a certain age when they can perform magic.

The game starts off fairly simple with a dragon mother laying out challenges before the player is in exchange for gold. This story outset also acts as an interactive tutorial. During nighttime, dragon eggs and other creatures can be bought and placed in the playing area. During daytime, they will wake up and start moving around. Dragons drop gems and require feeding otherwise they can die. The gems are the main source of income because they can be used in making jewelry which is later sold to the dragon's mother. Other creatures like trolls and goblins are useful for clearing debris or defending your area against bandits.

The gameplay is well balanced with both time management and strategic elements. The player can receive rewards if he completes a challenge before the allocated time. The positioning of creatures can enhance his productivity while offering better protection for the dragons. The graphics are in 2D, but the textures are of a very high quality. It has a childish theme, but it can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

To sum up, Dragon Keeper 2 is a pretty good game with a lot of fun features. The only real downside is that it can get repetitive after several hours.

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  • Easy to play
  • Interactive tutorial
  • Great animations


  • Can get repetitive


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